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Waist Cinchers – Everything you need to know
over 1 year ago

how to make this happen in two weeks or so? Hitting the gym is the conventional way to get that hourglass figure every woman wants. However, this takes a lot of hard work and time. lf a quick fix is what you are after then a waist cincher also referred to as a waist trainer will do the trick.


What is a waist cincher?

 This is a garment that is worn around the waist, hips, and bust to give your waist a desired shape. Just like the name suggests it is used to train your waist to conform to the desired size. The waist trainer has hooks that are used to compress your tummy and give you a flat tummy look.

The waist trainer not only works on your waist but also makes your bust look fuller and your hips more pronounced. it is the perfect shortcut to getting that hour glass look.


History of waist cinchers

 Historically the waist cinchers are seen to have come into use widely in the fifteenth century. It was during this period that the wife to king Henry the second enforced a ban on thick waists, forcing the women to resort to corsets. These corsets were made of whale bone to enforce clinching at the waist so as to make the waist appear smaller. These early corsets have been improved over time giving us the present-day waist trainer, which is creating a buzz in the fashion industry today. The modern waist cinchers are made of latex making them more comfortable than their predecessors.


Advantages of using a waist cincher

 Using a waist cincher has shown to have several advantages these include the following;-

  • Having an hourglass figure without having to put in a lot of time and effort in the gym working out to maintain the figure.
  • Assisting you to lose weight effectively. The waist trainer shrinks your stomach and in effect, you eat less. This translates to fewer calories intake and weight loss.
  • Another advantage of wearing a waist trainer is that it improves your posture. The high compression of the waist trainer greatly assists you in maintaining a good posture.
  • Another great advantage is that the waist trainer is an undergarment. No one will know your waist is not naturally this small as the waist trainer is worn under your clothes.


Do these waist cinchers work?

 Waist cinchers have been seen to help in reducing belly fat by compressing the stomach thus forcing the wearer to take fewer calories intake. Wearing a waist clincher may be uncomfortable and awkward but it works. However, the question arises, is this weight loss maintainable after you have stopped wearing the waist clincher? Once the waist cincher comes off the weight grows back on. To maintain the progress achieved you have to pair the waist cincher with a healthy lifestyle and workouts. The secret behind keeping yourself from gaining back the weight you've lost when once you stop wearing a waist clincher is working out.


Waist clinchers controversial health issues

 Is, it healthy to wear a waist clincher? Waist clinchers have been surrounded by a lot of controversy regarding their effect on the health of the user. Any product that has benefits also have risks associated with it. We have looked at the benefits accrued to waist clinchers above. Let us look at the risks associated with using this product. Research shows that it is very risky to wear a waist cincher for a long time. This is because as the waist cincher compresses your stomach it may displace or damage your internal organs Bruising is common on the onset days of using a corset. While bruising might look like a small enough price to pay compared to the hour glass figure you achieve, the bruise can easily get infected. This is because the clincher is constantly putting pressure on the same area that had been bruised previously. The pressure put on your stomach by the clincher also puts pressure on your diaphragm and lungs reducing a flow of oxygen in the body.

This can cause respiratory disorders with the time. In extreme cases where the clincher is too tight fainting can occur or permanently destroy your lungs.



Buying a waist cincher-what you should look into

 Now that we have looked at what waist trainers are and the benefits accrued to wearing a waist cincher, let us look at factors that you should take into consideration. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian openly advertising the waist trainers many companies have come up selling waist cinchers some of which are not up to standard. These have made it very difficult to determine where to get a genuine waist trainer that is of high quality. When buying a waist cincher there are several things that you should look into before making the purchase. When choosing a waist clincher these are the four most important factors you should put into consideration.


  1. Noticeability is very important when it comes to waist cinchers. You don't want people to know you are wearing a waist trainer, therefore, the less noticeable the better. This is because you don't want the trainer to show through your clothes
  2. Quality is one of the major deciding factors when it comes to choosing a waist cincher. High-quality waist cinchers are bound to not only give you better services but are also more durable.
  3. Affordability is also an important factor that you should look into when buying a waist clincher.
  4. Comfort. The most comfortable waist cinchers are those that allow you free movement. The flexibility of the waist cincher depends on the flexibility of the boning used in it.


As we have seen above the waist cincher you choose should be of high quality, comfortable to wear and easy to move around freely. If what you need is a quick fix for specific events the waist cincher will assist you. However, it is not advisable to keep it on for long due to the health problems associated with the waist cinchers. Get your waist cincher and flaunt that flat stomach on a party, a date or even a red-carpet event.

This waist trainer can also be used as you work out at the gym. Get that hourglass shape instantly by using a waist cincher.


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