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Enviable figure and health fitness
over 1 year ago

Also, fitness is a very important remedy hypertensive, those who have weakened immune systems compromised, the depressed and those who have not quite good blood circulation. In fact, this form of exercise is addressed to anyone who wants to stay in shape and keep their muscle tone.


Solve the problem click here unsightly pounds Any physical or psychological function consumes energy. Without energy, we cannot Viet. The sources of power of attorney by synthesizing organic foods they eat. The energy thus obtained is calculated in calories. When we eat, food really body with caloric reserves.

Then release this energy by; - move (any physical activity that involves movement) - thinking (many mental operations that do) metabolism (includes all operating and recovery mechanisms of the body]

Of these, the applicant is physical activity, meaning that it consumes the greatest amount of energy. And psychological operations require large energy inputs, especially to work coherently, must exclude depression, sadness, anger. When these sensations occur, the body's first reaction is to eat foods rich in carbohydrates that provide great taste, and therefore temporary pleasure. So, these people, although losing calories when you are stressed, it places them in place much and much and unhealthy.


Everyone has a metabolism rate of metabolism own way body synthesizes energy from food. Such energy obtained is then involved in operational functions of life and restoration of damaged tissues. This process is strictly linked to the nature of everyday life, namely the extent to which we are active or sedentary. In this regard, fitness is useful not only in combat inactive lifestyle but also to restore functional metabolism rates.


Fitness benefits

 Those who want an active and healthy lifestyle appeals to fitness. And as you keep this program practitioner to realize that the benefits obtained are more numerous than expected. And although at first it because their intention was to weaken, the result will be reflected in the health and well improves engineering.

Energy Many people turn to exercise the improvement of the physical condition (fitness) in order to boost her energy levels. The increase of energy is scientifically complex but relatively simple to implement. All the individual has to do is to submit an appropriate workload, without exaggeration, and to eat properly; the rest comes naturally. Since muscles are active in terms of metabolism, while fats are inert people who have a better physical condition and have muscle tone stronger are the same that have a speed-developed metabolism, which turns them bodies in cars burning fat.


The mind and nerves there a relationship between a physical and mental condition which can be exploited by observing the behavior of the body in different situations. Participation in activities consistent develops a harmonious communication between mind and body.

The headquarters of our nervous system is the brain, and from there, via electrical impulses transmitted mental information to various tissues in the body

When the action is required or necessary, the brain will accept the order and will order to turn an immediate boost. For those who are not in good physical condition, the transport of these orders is uncertain and may be delayed skills signaling weak mental. Slow reactions can lead to dangerous situations due to poor coordination. The more in shape even think better and focus more easily.


Muscles and bones human body is flooded with a network of muscles and connective tissue (such as tendons, ligaments). They can maintain lean muscles properly aligned skeleton because the body does not stay in position. As our muscles are stronger because Activ-tata Tii, the better we will be a bound body.

We already know that the heart beats faster when you undertake a task, the same thing happens with breathing. The body needs oxygen to survive. With the increasing pace of breathing, the lungs expand and contract beyond normal capabilities.


They appear as a pair of plastic bags that squeeze the air we breathe. When you breathe, your lungs absorb oxygen and when exhale usable toxic gases resulting from combustion are eliminated.

Millions of tiny holes, called alveoli allow oxygen to enter the blood feeding the body with this precious source of life. You may wonder if when you hit your goal, you can quit. A good physical condition is a lifestyle, not a short-term plan. A way of life that will improve the days until the end of life. Try to maintain an active lifestyle. Once you hit your goal, take a job to maintain or fix you a more intranet, but do not stop!

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