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Best Waist Trainers For Weight loss
over 1 year ago

women looking for the hourglass shape, they are using the steel waist trainers that were previously considered to be helpful in back and posture support. The steel waist trainers work by movement of floating ribs and reduction of space in the abdomen. It has been present since the 19th century having been spurred by the invention of the corset that was later replaced by the girdle with it being worn on top of other clothes as the fashion statement.

Waist training has become a rather trendy practice with most celebrities encouraging its use and even reporting the efficacy of the act. However, I consider it suspicious as to how the cinching and compressing the waist using waist trainers such as cinchers and corsets could possibly result in loss of belly and waist fat giving and individual a rather permanent slim waistline. The recent rapid increase in a number of users could be related to the convenience of the trainers since they can be worn inside clothes without any raise of suspicion giving one a normal daily routine as opposed to exercising. In addition, it could be worn to offices and special occasions. They are also less tiresome with an easy to adopt routine wearing in the

Morning and removing when getting to bed and with little limitations as opposed to adopting a healthy living routine.



With the sudden increase in the desire to lose weight, many people are opting to use easier methods such us waist trainers. Their convenience, fast and easy to use nature has have led to the otherwise considered more healthy methods of using waist fat such as lowering calorie intake; reading nutritional labels for deceptive items and exercising to be considered tiresome and slow thus being rejected. Its waist training nature is due to the fact that the corset acts as an external lap band that does not allow overheating when wearing it. The results of waist training are, however, dependent on factors such as the length of time the corset is won, the frequency of wearing the corset, how tightly laced the corset is and whether or not the weight loss regime is followed. Genetics too play a role since bodies are different, taking two individuals into waist training for example and keeping the other variables constant, would bring out different results. However, waist training should be treated as an addition to healthy diet and consistent exercise regimes and not be considered as an easy substitute of the two. Waist training is a just temporary solution that does not actually solve the problem.



There is a varied choice of waist trainers in the market hence making it a personal task for you to choose and research on the style that suits you and your goals.

Corsets-this have laces at the back are made from cotton. Most people prefer the traditional ribbon or steel-boned corset since it has to lace at the back that can be tightened to the preferred fitness hence highly customized.

Cinchers on the hand are made of latex and have hook and eye closures in the front. There are workout cinchers that can be worn during exercise as they are made of stronger materials, they cause perspiration in the mid- section. However, it is not recommended to wear them for an extended period. They have an instant reduction to the mid- section by one to three inches.


Benefits of waist trainers

Waist training provides numerous but temporary physical benefits to an individual using waist trainers. Some of these benefits are smaller waistline and a generally slimmer appearance at the midsection. This satisfies the basic goal of most of the waist trainer users, which is to have a small waistline.


Corsets and the other compression garments when worn for a long time provide back support and posture control to the wearer due to the binding and cinching effects of these garments.

Waist trainers also inspire good posture since they continued wearing of the trainers gives the individuals an ability to activate the abdominal core muscles.

The boning, elastic or rubber material also gives the wearers an added abdominal support and also acting as a reminder to make the individuals sit up and also not to overeat, thus providing an accessory benefit of weight loss.




Risks of waist trainers

All positive things are coupled with risks and limitations and waist trainers are not any exception. Other than the many benefits that are associated with the use of trainers, waist trainers have been linked to various health, physical and emotional disadvantages and risks. With most of the benefits of waist training being temporary, the risks and the damages posed by waist training are otherwise permanent hence irreparable.

These include but are not limited to:

Waist training causes putting off much and unnecessary pressure on the waistline and the midsection, in general, causing a potentially severe limitation to blood and oxygen flow to vital organs which are extremely dangerous and can be fatal. The added pressure can also cause breathing difficulty hence the idea of doing exercises with waist trainer on is discouraged.The posture support and control you get when you wear a waist trainer are only present until the removal, afterward it causes weakening of postural muscles, similarly,


it inactivates the abdominal core muscles once taken out hence the muscles atrophy thus becoming a soft pudgy mess.


When worn during exercises, there is perspiration and this excessive amount of sweating of an individual could cause dehydration other than the intended benefit of losing water weight. When practiced over a prolonged period this could cause severe dehydration that could finally result in fatigue, headaches and in some serious cases, it could bring about seizures.

With that said, individuals who are willing to adopt waist training should weigh the risks and benefits hence making informed decisions.

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