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A Complete Guide To Your Waist Health And How To Maintain It
over 1 year ago

 That most women don’t know about, the waist. According to research, the waist is one of the most important determinants of your overall health and it is in fact associated with premature death.


What Is The Waist? Your waist is the part of your body between your rib cage and your hips. It is normally the narrowest part of the torso and your waistline should be located where the waist is narrowest. What Does Your Waist Have To Do With Anything? According to a research that was conducted on waist circumference measurements compared to a risk of all-cause mortality and the findings were that women with larger waists were at a higher risk of death. In addition to that, these women are also at a higher risk of serious health conditions like heart disease, chronic diseases, and stroke.

Women should maintain a waist measurement of 35 inches in order to maintain their overall health. Anything that goes beyond 35 inches is considered dangerous.

What Makes A Large Waist A Danger To Your Health Exactly? The fat around your waist is known as visceral fat. It has been linked to insulin resistance and high cholesterol, both of which could lead to heart problems. You see, when the waist starts to enlarge, it means there is an increase in fat deposits around your belly. This fat is bad for your health and you don’t even need to be overweight for it to affect your health. As long as you have a waist larger than 35 inches, regardless of your weight, you are at risk. Despite the fact that excess weight causes various health problems like cancers, breathing issues and joint pains, visceral fat causes metabolic syndrome. This can include fatty liver disease, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure. At this point, belly fat goes beyond the skin, into and around the body cavities and the body organs.

What Causes An Increase In Waist Size?Most of the time, the increase begins around your belly and even though this might be caused by genetics, the bigger culprit is cortical. This is a chemical produced when a person is undergoing stress. The problem with waist gain is that the more you gain the harder it gets to lose it. What Can You Do To Get Rid of Visceral Fat?

Change your diet best way to get rid of belly fat is by eating healthy. Change your diet accordingly and start eating foods that allow you to lose weight. Try to eat only when you feel hungry to avoid overeating and if you must snack in between meals then make sure you drink a glass of water first.

Here are some foods that will help you lose belly fat.OatsBerriesLeafy greens-almonds green avocado Exercise on a regular basis exercising increases blood flow and regulated fat loss regular basis.

Try at least any form of exercise half an hour each day. Have some coffee before the workout to enhance fat burning. Engage in high interval training a few times a week as it is more effective in burning belly fat than just moderate training. Cardiovascular training is also very important because you will not only burn calories but strengthen your muscles as well. Yoga will help you relax, de-stress and loosen up the tight areas.

Do not starve yourself going on a diet is usually not a very wise choice, especially not if it requires you to stay away from food. The irony of losing weight is that you eat to lose weight. Point is, you actually need to be eating but you need to be eating the right food. Food will increase the energy you need, help you lose fat and help you maintain your muscle.

Final thought- Stay motivated looking at your belly fat in the mirror will not give you accurate feedback. You need to measure your midsection at least after two weeks and it won’t matter how much as long as you will keep on making progress. Your pants will also be an indication of fat loss when they begin to feel loose. You can take pictures when measuring your waist so you can look at them and remind yourself why you are doing it.

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